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About Us

Founded in Kirriemuir, the resting place of Sir Hugh Munro (1856-1919), the Scottish mountaineer who first catalogued the awe-inspiring Munro mountains.



To climb a Munro is to “bag” it, and a “Munro bagger” is a hiking enthusiast that takes on the challenge to climb as many of the 282 Munro peaks as they can. With summit views of mountains, lochs and islands, it's easy to see why so many are now taking up this old Scottish past time.

At the Munro Brewing Co., we draw our inspiration from the history, folk tales, and other-worldly beauty of the Scottish Munro's. Be it the ingredients, ageing process, or product design, we make sure that there's a touch of Scotland in every bottle.

Freedom can be found in the wild places of Scotland and so can the best beers you've ever had. So next time you're bagging a Munro, skiing the slopes, or setting up camp, be sure to crack open a Munro beer to celebrate. 

And if you're planning your next Scottish adventure then check out the Munro Tables - and stay safe!

Image by Kristóf Vizy



We are a family-owned business nestled in Kirriemuir - a little town in Scotland known as "The Gateway to the Glens", and the resting place of Scotland's most famous mountaineer, Sir Hugh Munro, 4th Baronet.

We set up the Munro Brewing Co. in 2020 with one objective in mind:

"To create beer that gets you out there!"

What better way to encourage people to explore and gain a sense of union with the natural world than through great beer. This is exactly what we wanted to do by taking our home brewing to the next level and integrating it with our love of Scotland and the history of our home town.

We are incredibly fortunate to have these wild places on our doorstep so let's be sure to enjoy them.

Check out our lineup to find out what beer to "bag" for your next adventure!

Slàinte Mhath!

(Pronounced Slanj-a-vaa; Scots Gaelic for Cheers!)

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